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Casita Mexicana

Our menu may be Mexican, but we always support our Local Producers

It’s the quality of the ingredients we use that makes our food stand out from the crowd. The Combina-tion of imported Mexican herbs and spices with the very best fresh local produce gives our food the authentic flavours and tastes of Mexico.
All our food depends upon the quality and freshness of the produce we use. To ensure we use only the best and freshest commodities, we buy all our produce from local growers, producers and suppli-ers. We know with confidence the provenance of all the ingredients in our food because we buy them directly from the producers, fresh every day for you to enjoy

• All our beef is 100% Irish, sourced from local farms
• All our salad leaves are locally grown and 100% organic
• All our sauces are made entirely in-house and seasoned with fresh chillies
• Our breads & cakes are baked by our local baker
• Every one of our Margaritas is made with freshly squeezed lime juice

Food and cuisine. Delicious taco on the table

Our Suppliers